Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD
Daemon News New user tips
For People New to Both FreeBSD and Unix
FreeBSD How-To's for the Lazy and Hopeless
PAO FreeBSD Mobile Computing Package
The FreeBSD Diary
The FreeBSD Project
Daemon News : The Effects of Tuning a FreeBSD Box for High Performance
O'Reilly Network: Ripping MP3s [Sep. 13, 2001]
O'Reilly Network: Running Windows Applications on FreeBSD [Sep. 21, 2001] FreeBSD Basics [September 26, 2001]
Training Classes
BSD's strength lies in devilish details
PC Magazine - Print Article
O'Reilly Network: Avoiding Trojans and Rootkits
The BSDs: Sophisticated, Powerful, and (Mostly) Free
FreeBSD 5.1



Linux Magazine | February 2000 | ON THE DESKTOP | Taming The Two-headed Monster
Tutorial : Howto make a Two Headed Penguin! :: G.L.U.G. :: Gauteng Linux User group
hp workstation x1000 -- enabling dual monitor mode
Using the Xinerama Extensions to MultiHead XFree86 V. 4.0+ Security Alerts [August 22, 2001]
ZDNet: Red Hat 7.2: Pain-free Linux
Linux StepByStep
Linux Links - The Linux Portal
Building A Lo-Fat Linux Desktop Imagination is more important than knowledge . . .
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
Linux NOW!
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded Linux and Open Source Solutions
The Slackware Linux Project
Welcome to SuSE
Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Caldera | Home
CheapBytes Home Page
O'Reilly Network: [March 01, 2002]
Linux Documentation Project
The Linux Review | Resources for Linux Users
Using the /dev and /proc file systems
Linux and the art of 3D game programming
Red Hat Bugzilla
Red Hat Network
Network Configurations in LINUX
O'Reilly Network: Poor Sysadmin's Guide to Remote Linux Administration [May. 16, 2002]
Linux Newbie Guide
GNOME - Computing made easy
Welcome to
Welcome to JustLinux: Wanna learn Linux?
Linux & Wireless LANs
Linux, Network, Samba, Windows - MozillaQuest Magazine - Linux for Windows Users - Linux Networking for Windows and Desktop People -- Mandrake 9.1 and LinNeighborhood- Page 1


Caldera Systems - OpenLinux 2.3 Tryout
Linux Magazine Chronicle of the Revolution
Procmail Homepage
Solaris Package Archive
eServer Developer Domain
Unix is a Four Letter Word



CERT® Security Improvement Modules
Chancellor & Chancellor - Windows NT Resource site
dtool is an excellent resource for Network Design, Cisco News, VPNs, Frame Relay, SNMP, Java, Javascript, CGI, Perl, HTML, VB
Focus on Windows NT - Home Page
JSI, Inc. - Your Windows NT ® Resource
MICROSOFT WINDOWS NT resources from Nerd World Media
NT Game Palace
NTBugtraq - NTBugtraq Home
Systems Internals
VPN Insider -- Virtual Private Network superguide
Welcome to WUGNET® on the Web!
Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Windows NT Home [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0; Communications; Networking; Enterprise Applications; Web Services; Applicat
Windows NT Magazine Online
WINDOWS NT SERVER v4.0, Learn Windows NT Server online with this free training guide on the Internet. Learn about bridges, rout


Active Directory Services and Windows 2000 Domains
Active Directory Users, Computers, and Groups
Designing Organization-wide Policies
Domain Migration Cookbook
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-023
Making Computers Accessible
Remote Operating System Installation
Upgrading a Windows NT Domain to Windows 2000 Active Directory
Windows 2000 Domain Name System (DNS) - Windows 2000 FAQ - Windows Tips: Six Windows Tweaks I Couldn't Live Without


Apache HTTP Server: Security Tips
Apache Desktop Reference: Welcome
Running a Perfect Web Site with Apache, toc
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - FAQTS : Computers : Internet : Web Servers : Apache
Apache Today - Apache News
O'Reilly Network: Apache and SSL
O'Reilly Network: Cheap IP Takeover


Extra Themes
FreeThemes Affiliate Site Locations!
Screens and Themes Homepage - Desktop Themes and Reviews
Theme World
Wallpapers TOP100
DeskMate Download Page - Animate Your PC Today
Heavenly's Start Page....
Jedi105's Star Wars Goodies
Jetster's WebSite __ Home Page
McAfee Online
Microsoft® Clip Gallery Live
Opera Software
Pat's Web Graphics
PDACentral World Wide Affiliate Site Locations!
RealJukebox Central
SOFTSEEK.COM - Game Software (Games)
TinyApps.Org : Home
WINAMP.COM Featured Resources Windows 95_98 Games

Hypermail Project

CUSIDnet_ A Hypermail Example
Hypermail Development
Hypermail Documentation
U.S. Department of Education Mailing Lists


TWiki . IPCop . WebHome


O'Reilly Network: An Introduction to LDAP [Aug. 16, 2001]
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
OpenLDAP, Title
An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ -- Directory Services Information
LDAP Browser/Editor


LISTSERV Version 1.8d
Developer's Guide to LISTSERV
Procmail Information

Mozilla Project

Weekly Status Update

Developer Information

Getting Involved
Download Source Code


World Wide Web Consortium
RFC Archive

User interface design

Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines
IBM/Ease of Use/Design
Microsoft User Experience and Interface Design Resources
KDE User Interface Guidelines


lxr - Mozilla Cross-Reference
bonsai - CVS Tree Control
tinderbox - Tree Status
bugzilla - Bug-Tracking System's bug database - report Phoenix bugs here


Mozilla community news and advocacy
Alphanumerica's Mozilla Development Projects
NewZilla - the Unofficial Netscape 6 and Mozilla FAQ

Third-Party Tools

Crash Recovery - Alphanumerica's Total Recall

Technology Demonstration

SmartFind queries

Bookmark Names containing 'Mozilla'
Bookmark Names starting with 'M'
Bookmark Names ending with 'Reference'
Bookmark URLs containing '.org'


Ultimate Guide to Hosting a LAN Party
Build Your Own Rack Cabinet
Network Computing | Feature | OSes & Network Services | Unraveling the Mysteries Of Clustering | Page 1 | October 2, 2000
Home Network Tutorials
DIY home computer networking guides -
O'Reilly Sysadmin


SAMBA - opening windows to a wider world | Configuring Samba


Learn To Subnet:  A Free, Lecture-Based Presentation on IP Addressing and Subnetting


Get the Latest Information for Ultraseek Server_  Upgrades, Patches, Release Notes
Infoseek Software - Home Page
Ultraseek Server Documentation Guide


802.11b, WiFi, etc.

Securing your Wireless Network
Should I use NetBeui?
Linux & Wireless LANs
Linux & Wireless LANs


Wine Development HQ
Wine Application DB
Linux Games - Wine Gaming Success Stories


Linux FTP Server
WU-FTPD Development Group
Frequently Asked Questions about wu-ftpd
WU-FTPD Server Software
Securing & Optimizing Linux v2.0

Case Modding

PC Modifications: Design, Manufacture, and Sales of PcMods
Psychohardware - The Psycho's of Computer Hardware | Home
[H]ard|Forum - powered by vBulletin - total system modding
Tom's Hardware Guide HowTo: How To Select The Right Case - How To Select The Right Case For Your Computer
Gully's Aqua Tank
Christopher's Modding Zone - Articles
XPCASES.COM - PC Case and Computer Case Accessory Specialist

Computer Furniture

Computer Furniture Direct - Home
Computer Furniture
Computer Furniture Direct - Legacy Desk
58" Oak Computer Roll Top Desk - Teak Emporium
Oak Plus Furniture For Less, Utah Furniture on the Web
Computer Rolltop Desks Product Page
Computer Desks - Oak Computer Roll Top Desk
Computer Roll Top Desk Discount Prices Beautiful Computer Roll Top Desk
Oak Roll Top Computer Desk
Woodware Designs -- Roll-Top Computer Desk

Belkin - KVM Switches
Computer Information Corner
Computer Literacy - Online bookstore specializing in technical books, interactive training and
DaFirm MacMafia
NEWS2WEB Gateway
Open News Servers
origin of a browser - netscape time capsule
PC World Online
SANS Resources - The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities (Updated)
Slashdot | Shhh! Constructing A Truly Quiet Gaming PC
Trend Micro, Anti-Virus, Home Page
Welcome to
How to Run a Microsoft-Free Shop - I.T. ARCHITECTURE - CIO Magazine Jan 1,2002
SecurityFocus home infocus: Firewalls For Beginners
98lite for enhancing and embedding Windows9x - Muppet Profiles
MIT distribution site for PGP - Designing a PC